Bixby Bicycles Time Trial Series

A cyclist is set to start a time trial in Oklahoma

The Bixby Time Trial Series is a time trial series in Haskell, Oklahoma. The series is made of four races: two team trials and two individual time trials.

New racers are encouraged to participate - each race will have a 'beginners' category for riders who would like to experience a race but are not ready to race against more seasoned competition.

Team Time Trial


Team time trials are made up of 3 riders. Riders are categorized by ability of the entire group and put in the appropriate race. To calculate your team time trial category, add the USA Cycling categories of all three racers: Rider A + Rider B + Rider C = Team Category (see categories below).

There is an exclusive category for Category 5 racers: "Men 15" or "Women 15". The only teams allowed in the "15"" category are teams made of three Category 5 racers (5 + 5 + 5). Adding even one Cat 4 racer moves the team into the next category (Men 15 or Women 14). Teams are allowed to race up (e.g. three Cat 4 racers (who have 12 points and would race in the 14-11 category) may race the 8-10 category).

If a team contains one rider with a time trial bike/helmet/shoe covers, they must race the time trial category. If a team of two women has one male rider, they must race the men's race.

Team time trials are scored by the time of the last rider to cross the line.

Categories for the team time trial are below:

Individual Time Trial

Individual time trial races are composed of 38 categories (see below). The Category 5 (beginner race) is intended for individuals with no time trial experience.

The Merckx category does not allow time trial frames, helmets, shoe covers, or deep rim wheels - this makes the Merckx race ideal for a new racer who does not have expensive time trial equipment.

Time trial distance depends on category - see race. Prizes/cash depend on category.

Categories for the team time trial are below:

Races begin at 9 am and run until everyone has finished the course.
We are proud to offer medals, gift certificates, and cash to our winners! See flyer for details.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. Is there day-of registration?
    A. No, you must sign up through USA Cycling, two days before the race.

  • Q. Do I need a USA Cycling license to race?
    A. Yes, one day licenses are available for Cat 5 racers through USA Cycling online.

  • Q. Where can I park?
    A. Parking is available at the Haskell LibraryMabrey Bank, and at the closed gas station across the street from the bank

  • Q. What is a team time trial (TTT)?
    A. A team time trial is an event where a team competes to finish a course together. Our team time trial consists of a 3 person crew. All three teammates begin the course together and their time is recorded when the last teammate crosses the finish line.

  • Q. What bikes are eligible to race the Merckx category?
    A. Any USA Cycling legal bike frame is allowed, however, the bike must not have aerobars or deep rim wheels (greater than 59 mm in depth), and the rider may not wear shoe covers, or an aero helmet.

  • Q. How can I determine what Team TT category my Team belongs in?
    A. The formula is easy to use: add the USA Cycling category of each of the three racers. The total points determines what category your team will race. For example, two Cat 3s and one Cat 4 would have a team point total of "10" (3+3+4). This team would be allowed to race in either the 10-8 category or the 7-3 category.
    A team of of two Cat 4s and one Cat 5 (4+4+5) would have a team point total of 13. This team would race either the 14-11 race, the 10-8 race, or the 7-3 race.

  • Q. What is the formula for determining my Team Time Trial category?
    A. Rider A + Rider B + Rider C = Team Points.
         e.g. Cat 2 + Cat 3 + Cat 3 = 8 points. This team could race the 10 point category, or they         may race up to the 7 point category.

  • Q. May my team 'race up' a category?
    A. Yes. For example, if a team with 14 points would like to race the 10-8 category, they may, with permission of the promoter. 

  • Q. What are the team time trial categories?
    A. Beginner (15 points), 14-11 points, 10-8 points, 7-3 points.

  • Q. Two teammates have Merckx bikes and one teammate has a time trial bike. What race do we sign up for?
    A. Any time trial equipment automatically places you in the Time Trial Category.

  • Q. Two teammates have regular road helmets and one teammate has a time trial helmet. What race do we sign up for?
    A. Any time trial equipment automatically places you in the Time Trial Category.

  • Q. Two teammates are women and one teammate is a man. What race do we sign up for?
    A. Unless a team is entirely comprised of women, you must race the men's category.

  • Q. What are 'prizes'?
    A. Prizes depend on entry totals and sponsors. They may be goods, gift cards, medals, or some combination of those three. If high value prizes are a major incentive for entering the race, consider racing the 1/2 or 3 race.


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