• Jerad Wilson

Store Update: March 24th, 2020

Good morning! If you ride a bike daily or ever thought about it, or your last ride was on a tandem with the spouse in 2002, keep reading 😉💯

Go bookmark our website!

Stay connected: We're rolling out some updates soon so you won't have these blog posts on your feed everyday. Share/tag people in this post. If they've ever even seen a bike in their lives, share. If they have little to no interest now, they might soon, who knows!

Store: We're open 10-6! Both sales and service are fully operational. Inside is limited to a few people. Here's how you can be even more awesome...

Repairs: You don't have to call ahead but may. We can fix it. Drive around back and drop it off. If you know what you need, you may drop off and fill out a form with little chit chat. If you need an estimate or have questions, you can use our complimentary VIP conceirge service. (see picture). Service times are case by case, but we'll keep open communication.

Parts/accessories/nutrition: You can call ahead, Email ahead, Facebook message. An employee will respond and we'll figure out a good time you can pick up! Drive out back and we'll bring it to you!

Group rides: Yes, people will be riding from our shop but in 2-6 person pockets. It's basically unofficial because no one can come in the shop to change or use the restroom. We encourage you to keep riding though with or without our big groups!

New! Spin Class: Every Tuesday and Thursday morning, Buster will host a live online spin class on facebook. So dust off those trainers or rent one from us! If you have neither and want to spin, call us and we'll set you up. More info later.

New/Used bikes:

For the best experience, call, message, email ahead and schedule a time to check out a bike,test Ride or look around. This isn't required right now, but could be soon.

Trade-ins/Used bikes:

Were going to ask you to email us pictures. We check email constantly through the day, but call us if it's urgent or you plan to come by asap.

We're going to stop here. Ask questions in the comments or message us! Thank you all and stay well! 👍👍👍👍👍🚲🚲🚲🚲🚲

*The gift cards are digital for now. The real ones... 👌👌👌👌 How do you get one of those?

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