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Studies Show Bixby Bicycles Is 100% Likely to Shock You With The Value of Its Tuneups

A recent study by the (BBIUBR) Bixby Bicycles Institute of Un-Biased Research suggests that not only does Bixby Bicycles have empirically proven tuneup prices that's 69.99 for brakes, shifting, cleaning, truing, and general bike-improving but also 100% more CJ Morrisons under their employ than the control group. Having clinically competitive cost has driven us to add a detailed tuneup to our service roster coming in at $279.99 for high end road bikes (maybe a Cervelo for example) to make sure your baby is race ready and bomb proof. No matter what your budget (or bike) demands the "science" says Bixby Bicycles.

Bixby Bicycles Tuneups are Lab Tested

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