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Birthday Bike!

I can't believe it's my 35th birthday! Wait, 35 or 53.... I can't remember.

Well, regardless, I had the best birthday celebration on Friday night with a bunch of my friends and family. At first, Brett showed up around 5 pm. I didn't think much of his visit - we always love Brett in the store. Then Scott arrived - again, I didn't expect anything. Sara, Allison, Cindy, Josh, Robin, Robin, Dale, Brady, Tim, and even more people all began to enter through the front and back door... and I still didn't suspect anything! Not until Cindy told me that she had a surprise did I put it all together - the shop was packed with my favorite people and they weren't here to buy tubes!

Cindy gave me a very sweet card, a very cool retro hat, a pair of pedals, and then... told me the best surprise was in the car, outside. I couldn't believe my eyes when the sheet came off and revealed this amazing penny-farthing bicycle!

It's not carbon fiber, and weighs upwards of 40 lbs, but it may be my favorite bike, ever!

Thank you to all who came out and all who wished me a happy birthday. 53 is already shaping up to be an amazing year!


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