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Cervelo's Brain Bike 2017 in Vegas!

Wow! I'm a few weeks late writing about my amazing experience at Cervelo's Brain Bike in Las Vegas. One of the privileges of being Tulsa's exclusive Cervelo dealer was an invitation to see all of Cervelo's new tech and ideas for 2018.

First, Cervelo was a fantastic host! They brought out R5s and S5s for everyone to ride!

(Below: my R5 for the Brain Bike group rides)

My Cervelo R5 at Brain Bike

The engineering and quality put into these bicycles is second to none. After a warm up, we traveled out into the Nevada desert on buttery smooth roads.

Group ride at Cervelo's Brain Bike

Perfect roads for a group ride!

There were some friendly Tulsa faces among the group (Finn!). I also had the pleasure of running into Jesse - our Cervelo sales rep. Jesse is always happy and full of smiles - evidenced in the photo below!

We love Jesse! Not sure about his kit or helmet
Hey! It's fellow Tulsa rider, Finn!

After riding the amazing stable of Cervelo machines, we got to listen to Cervelo's best engineers talk about what sets their bicycles apart from the rest of the industry. Most of what they were saying went over my head (these guys are SUPER smart). But, I was able to follow enough of the lecture to come away with a much deeper appreciation of how similar Cevelo bicycles are to a rocket ship!

Cervelo's engineers giving us a lecture on their amazing process

In all - the Brain Bike was an amazing experience! I can't wait to go back next year and see what improvements Cervelo can think up next. This is a company truly heads and shoulders above the competition!

My individualized bike and sticker on my R5

I'm so proud to ride my Cervelo bicycle!

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