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The Impact of Cycling

Riding bicycles have been a pass time for many generations. From group rides and racing to cruising through neighborhood with your family, riding a bicycle has always been a milestone for someone in their life. The sport has changed and evolved drastically over the years.

Today, cycling's popularity has widely increased as the folks get into the sport for fitness, fun, and adventure. There are no limitations for joining in on the fun; any person at any time can be one with their bike. That's what our shop, Bixby Bicycles, is for: One Shop, One Vision. The love for cycling and its impact is something we want to share with as many lives as possible.

From getting in the weekly exercise to meeting new people, the enjoyment of riding a bicycle is undeniably incredible. From all ages, the smiles that we can share together as we ride our bikes is monumental.

Come down to Bixby Bicycles and join our family as we enjoy life on a bike. With our goal in our hearts, we come together for everyone and want you to be a part of our dream, one pedal stroke at a time.

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