What makes Bixby Bicycles unique?

Bixby Bicycles is more than a retail store, we pride ourselves for being a “one-stop-shop”. All levels of cyclists who come through our doors will be greeted with a cycle industry expert ready to answer all questions. Our team will help guide you to the perfect bike and will never pressure for a same-day sell. Bixby Bicycles provides an industry-leading refund policy to assure all cyclists are satisfied from day of purchase until day of upgrade. In addition, we offer all cyclists complimentary warranties with the purchase of all new and used bicycles. Bixby Bicycles is honored to be invited to encourage and challenge all cyclists on their cycle journey.

How do I know what size of bicycle to buy?

Bixby Bicycles has team of cycle industry experts ready to answer all questions regarding cycle comfort, riding style, health concerns and provide an in-store bike fitting.

Why should I ride in a group?

One of our favorite services we offer to all levels of cyclists is our Group Rides. Group riding creates a fun, social and safe atmosphere. Cyclists will discover new routes that will provide an opportunity for growth.

Do you sell used bikes?

Yes! We have a fantastic used bike resell service.

Do you sell e-bikes?

Yes! And spoiler alert, e-bikes are a lot of fun!

Do you repair bicycles?

Of course! We are a one-stop-shop! We also provide routine professional tune-ups to ensure bicycles’ longevity.

What brands of bikes do you sell?

Bixby Bicycles has Oklahoma’s largest in-stock bicycle inventory. We are Tulsa’s exclusive Cervelo dealer. Visit our shop to browse other brands such as Cervelo, Sun Bikes, Inspired Cycle Engineering, CatRike, TerraTrike and more!