Bixby Blazing Saddles Gran Fondo 2021

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This past Wednesday evening, Team Suicide Prevention and Hope is Oxygen were at Bixby Bicycles to receive generous donations from the owner, Buster Brown. Not only did Buster finish the Ironman Tulsa Triathlon on the previous Sunday, but he had also taken time from running his business and his heavy ironman training schedule to set up a volunteer network for the Ironman Tulsa event. He has partnered with our team on several events over the last year raising money for the prevention of suicide. Our close relationship with Buster started when he hosted a memorial ride for cyclist, Stacy Ann Jacob, after she took her life in 2019.

Ashlyn Brothers, from Channel 6, was present to film the team riding and to gather information about the purpose of our 3,000 mile Race Across America which starts June 19th, 2021. We’d like to extend our sincere thanks to Ashlyn for taking the time to visit with us. Team Suicide Prevention co-captain Bill Taitano wore a very special jersey for the filming. This jersey has many signatures of people who have lost loved ones to suicide. In fact, his own signature on the jersey is in honor of his daughter who died in a murder-suicide in 2016. The jersey received two new signatures during the gathering at Bixby Bikes; one was Ashlyn’s uncle and and another from a dear mother who lost her son to suicide. Bill plans to wear this special jersey which we call “The Hope Jersey” across the finish line of the Race Across America in Annapolis and he will be on a bicycle once owned by Todd Reed who lost his life to suicide 3 years ago. Todd Reed worked for Bixby Bicycles and was a friend of Buster Brown along with many of our Air Assurance and Team Suicide Prevention teammates.

The highlight of the evening followed the presentation by Buster of his team’s fund raising efforts to Bill and Linda Pulver(founder of Hope is Oxygen). Linda has been an amazing partner to Team Suicide Prevention and her efforts to spread hope to those suffering from the suicide epidemic have a made a significant difference in our community. Team Suicide Prevention, Hope is Oxygen, Walk Out of Darkness, Buster and other guests shared emotional stories about their connection to and passion for preventing suicide. Everyone felt a strong bond by the end of the night.

Team Suicide Prevention is so much more than a group of 8 cyclists and 8 crew members. We are a community of people supporting one another’s personal grief and struggle to be mentally healthy as well as physically healthy. We are individuals with a desire to make ourselves available to others in need. Our team is so strong because we have been able to share our stories with one another and be vulnerable to the public. We truly live our message that YOU ARE NEVER ALONE. Please join us in our quest to spread hope and awareness that suicide is preventable by visiting our website at

We also want to extend our special thanks to what I like to refer to as our “Hero Army of Donors and Sponsors” who have donated funds and/or goods to support our mission to spread hope and help save lives. You can see this amazing list at our Supporter’s Page. Check back often as this page is updated on almost a daily basis. We are thankful.

The Team Suicide Prevention racers and crew will be departing for Oceanside, California in less than three weeks. The Race Across America starts at noon on June 19th. After the race starts, be sure and check for a link which provides live tracking of our progress as we race to Annapolis, Maryland.

Thank You

Craig J and Bill Taitano

Cowtown Gran Fondo

Sept 18, 2021

Northeast Oklahoma is blessed to have some of the most beautiful and green, rural scenery in our great state. This ride really stands out because it also puts small town charm on full display. Tour de Cowtown is held on the same day as the Coweta Fall Festival, one of the last small town festivals left in which the community actually shuts down main street and comes together to party with rides, food, parades, bands and pie auctions. It’s as close to Mayberry as we get these days and if you’re family is tired of you running off on them to play bikes, this is the perfect event to bring them along to, or stay after your ride with all of our bike friends as we take over the town.

We have great rest stops and we ensure that by pitting the rest stops against each other for the coveted prize of best rest stop as voted on by the riders. We will be cooking up some good food at the finish line when you get off the bike as well.

We have plenty of porta potties so no one finds themselves in a tight spot.

When you cross the Tour de Cowtown finish line you will be welcomed by a cheering section, finishing medal and your voice of the Tulsa Oilers, Mike Iles. If you cowboy up and finish the ride you will earn a unique cow bell finishers medal. The first person from the full century to cross the line on ride day will get their name engraved on a highfalutin Cowtown Cup. (It’s like the Stanley Cup but with real prestige).

New for 2021, we have added a climbing challenge for out metric an full century riders. This one mile section maxes out at 17% It’s the steepest hill we can find. The fastest climber will win a men’s and women’s jersey respectively.

Saddle up and hit the road with us.